General Sales Policy

  • General Sales Polices

All Prices subject to change without notice.
All unit and core sales final after 60 days.

  • Trade in Policy

Cores must be returned in its original Arc carton for credit. Core must be exact unit that is replaced. The total quantity, or core value, of old units acceptable for core credit, is limited to the total quantity, or core value, of units purchased on an outright basis, during the previous twelve-month period. All core credits may only be redeemed against merchandise purchase. Cores not acceptable for full credit include units with broken housings, or missing parts or modules that are supplied with units. See price sheets for additional charges.

  • Obsolescence

No obsolescence protection can be given on numbers for units that are applicable to cars of any year older than 10 years from current year. Example: Year 1998 nothing older than 1988. 12-year stock adjustment will be given on Chrysler, Ford and GM units. Only one Stock adjustment allowed per year not to exceed more than 4% of annual net unit purchases. All stock adjustments must be accompanied with an offsetting order for an equal number of units and value. All unused, overstocked or obsolete merchandise will be subject to a 10% handling charge on the total return. Freight must be prepaid on all stock adjustments. NO RETURNS MAY BE MADE UNLESS WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION IS GIVEN BY THE FACTORY.


ARC Remanufacturing, Inc. (“Arc”) expressly warrants that its Products will, when shipped by us to the original purchaser, be free from defects in material and workmanship. This express warranty shall apply only to Arc Products which are properly installed and maintained in the type of vehicle which has been prescribed for their use, and in which defects in material and workmanship shall appear within 90 days after such Products are first placed in service, are purchased by their first actual user, or whichever shall appear sooner.
The obligation of Arc under this express warranty shall extend only to the repair or replacement, at our option, of any part or parts of any Products which have been returned to us, transportation charges pre-paid, with a written statement of the reason thereof, promptly after any claim of breach of warranty shall arise, and which upon examination by us, shall appear to have been defective in material and workmanship. In lieu of such repair or replacement, this company may, at its option, refund to the person having the benefit of this warranty the amount such person shall have paid for the Product.
Warranties implied by law shall also apply to each Product but only for such time as the foregoing express warranty shall apply to that Product. Arc’s obligation with respect to a breach of any implied warranty shall be the same as in the case of a breach of the foregoing express warranty. EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESS WARRANTY STATED ABOVE AND F0R SUCH LIMITED IMPLIED WARRANTIES, THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES , EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT ANY LIMITATIONS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANT ABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR PURCHASE, WHICH SHALL APPLY TO ANY PRODUCTS, AND ARC HERBY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL SUCH OTHER WARRANTIES.
The obligations of Arc shall not extend beyond the obligation undertaken above. ARC SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Any action brought thereafter shall be barred. If any Product shall be disassembled modified, or otherwise tampered with, all the foregoing warranties shall lapse and become null and void. The laws of New York shall govern this Limited Warranty. NO PERSON IS AUTHORIZED BY ARC TO AGREE ON ITS BEHALF TO ANY MODIFICATION OF THE FOREGOING.


Our liability from all causes is limited to the value of the goods sold or furnished. If goods are defective we will not be responsible beyond the value of the defective unit at the factory.

All data listed herein has been compiled from reliable and authoritative sources and to the best of our knowledge is correct. However, WE DO NOT ASSUME ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR POSSIBLE ERRORS OR OMISSIONS TO THIS CATALOG OR WEBSITE.